April 24, 2024


Esse India is one of the leading names in India’s visa and immigration sector. We, a team of visa & immigrations consultants with a decade of experience and expertise in all types of visa documentation laid the foundation of Esse India with a strong aim- to bring about a shift in how people perceive immigration by offering a hassle-free visa process. Since our establishment, every client that has knocked our door for a visa service has left happy and satisfied because we know what one exactly expects when they think of visa consultants-someone who could be entrusted for the process and serves the right value for the investment made.

Our Vision – Our vision is being recognized & valued as the prime immigration service provider across the country which represents effectiveness and efficiency in its immigration services. We aspire to expand the scope of our services by offering an integrated approach to counsel and create opportunities for those aiming of flourishing career prospects overseas.

Our Mission – Our mission is to provide honest, competent and result-oriented immigration services through effective consultation and visa processing.

Our Team – One of the major components that constitute to the success of Esse India is our team. Knowing that immigration is not just a journey from your home country to a foreign country but is a complete transformation of your life and career, in a completely different nation, we hire spectacular staff that knows the value of your abroad plans and strives dedicatedly to help you achieve success for your visas. We believe in no magic wands, no hidden tricks, and no secret handshakes- just a dedicated team of experts in each department working their experienced hands on your visa process.

Immigration Experts & Visa Consultants: Qualified, well-reversed and dedicated immigration experts & visa consultants are the backbone of our immigration services. This team represents the initial approach of Esse India. All the first aspects involved in visa process like visa consultation, visa selection & process guidance, assessment, eligibility check, approx. details of costs & investments and all related information are shared by our consultants or immigration experts in this initial stage.

Process Consultants & Case Officers: Experienced and well-trained process consultants & case officers take up the case file for the process, after having passed it through an evaluation for immigration. Starting from filing your visa application, gathering of documents, educational assessment, updating you about rule changes, regular information about your process etc. this team of Esse India ensures that you receive each detail and timely support in each stage until you receive the visa.

Job Search & CV Marketing Experts: While the case officers do the hard work of processing your visa, a team of job search agents and CV marketing specialist share with you the burden of searching a job in your dream destination. We build a resume for you that is professional and internationally attractive. We, then post your profile onto prominent job portals so that it gets in the best view of the international employers.

Customer Service & Support Department: As customer service is the top priority of our business, we ensure that each client receives and upright service. Customer relations & service team is here to look into all the service & quality aspects.

Our Visa Range – Our products and services are so diverse that we can meet the needs of every aspirant. We process a range of visas- permanent resident visas, green cards, study abroad visas, business visas, work visas, visit visas, dependent visas and much more.

Few good reasons to choose us

1. We know the concepts of immigration completely- laws, procedures and everything about settling in a foreign country
2. We believe aspirants like you are the hero of our success story & and the soul of our business
3. We don’t do the “telling and selling”, but solely work to convert your overseas dream into your great delight
4. We have the best team of job search assistants who can give your career a global edge
5. We do our best to make your talent in profession reach the International labor force
6. We do not make false promises; we are clear as crystal in all aspects- counseling, agreement and pricing
7. We do use the internet but our reputation reached excellence through client appraisals and referrals
8. We understand how valuable your money is for you, that’s why have designed visa packages with a fair price

As the company continues to grow, our portfolio of clients also grows and today, we have a huge crowd of professionals thanking us for amazing services. The best way for you to get to know what we can do for you is to have a look at what clients say about us.