May 18, 2024


Canada is renowned for its inclusive and diverse approach to immigration and education. It has long been a preferred destination for international students seeking high-quality education and a welcoming environment. To maintain the integrity of its international student program and safeguard the interests of both students and the nation, Canada has recently introduced a series of measures aimed at strengthening the system. These measures are designed to ensure that international students receive the support and protection they need while upholding the country’s reputation as a world-class education destination.

Enhanced Oversight and Regulatory Changes

One of the key measures introduced by the Canadian government is an enhanced oversight framework for Designated Learning Institutions (DLIs). DLIs are educational institutions authorized to host international students. With the new regulations, DLIs will face stricter compliance requirements and will be held accountable for ensuring that international students receive a quality education.

This enhanced oversight includes mandatory reporting of international student enrollment, stronger compliance mechanisms, and improved communication channels between DLIs and the government. These changes will help to identify and address any issues or irregularities more effectively and in a timely manner.

Protection Against Exploitation

International students can be particularly vulnerable to exploitation, such as mistreatment in the workplace or substandard living conditions. Canada is committed to ensuring that international students are protected and treated fairly during their stay. As part of the new measures, the government is increasing resources and support for international students who encounter challenges related to their work or study conditions.

Additionally, these measures empower students to report any issues they face, allowing for a more proactive response to potential problems. The objective is to create a safe and welcoming environment where international students can fully focus on their studies without worrying about exploitation.

Post-Graduation Work Permits

Canada recognizes the significant contribution of international students to its society and economy. To further encourage students to choose Canada for their education, the government has announced the extension of the post-graduation work permit (PGWP) program. The PGWP allows international students who have completed their studies in Canada to work in the country and gain valuable work experience.

With the extension of the PGWP program, more international students will be eligible to work in Canada after their studies, enhancing their career prospects while contributing to the country’s labor force. This measure is expected to attract even more international students to Canadian institutions.

Streamlined Application Processes

To make it easier for international students to study in Canada, the government has also introduced measures to streamline the visa application process. These changes are aimed at reducing processing times, making it more convenient for students to apply and receive their study permits. By simplifying and accelerating the application process, Canada can enhance its appeal as a destination for international education.


Canada’s commitment to strengthening international student integrity reflects the country’s dedication to maintaining the quality and integrity of its education system while protecting the interests of international students. These new measures will enhance oversight, protect students from exploitation, and promote a more welcoming environment for international students. By extending post-graduation work opportunities and streamlining the application process, Canada is reinforcing its position as a top destination for international education. These efforts will not only benefit international students but also contribute to Canada’s continued success in the global education landscape

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