July 9, 2024

On June 27th, 2023, the Honourable Sean Fraser, Minister of Immigration, Deportees and Citizenship, blazoned a new temporary measure that will remove the limit on the length of study programs that temporary foreign workers can enrol in without a study permit. Schedule a Free Work Permit Consultation with the Cohen Immigration Law Firm Through this measure, Immigration, Deportees and Citizenship Canada( IRCC) is feting that foreign workers can face walls in the types of study programs they’re allowed to pursue to get fresh training and education that will help them in their careers. previous to this change, foreign workers could study while working, but only in programs of 6 months orless.However, they would have to apply for a separate study permit, If they wanted to enrol in a longer program. This has been a chain for foreign workers who want to ameliorate their education and admit further training, especially those demanding to validate their foreign credentials through certain programs. The new temporary measure will last three times. Foreign workers will be suitable to study full or part time while holding a valid work permit, with no restrictions on the length of the program. The temporary measure will apply to those who hold a valid work permit or have a pending decision on their work permit extension on June 27, 2023. still, if a foreign worker wants to study longer than the duration of their work permit, they will need to apply for a study permit. The measure will help foreign workers expand their unborn job prospects. It’ll also expand their openings to transition to endless hearthstone by adding their Comprehensive Ranking Score( CRS) through advanced situations of education or by gaining qualifying work experience. “ With this policy in place, we hope to empower foreign citizens to ameliorate their chops in order to meet their career pretensions and achieve their dreams, while furnishing a unborn implicit source of gift for our labour request. By removing walls to chops development, we open the door to further foreign- trained croakers
and nursers to help take care of our favored bones
and support our healthcare system. We also give a path for construction labourers to come tradespersons, and strengthen our communities and make new homes. This immigration measure helps employers, workers, and our frugality by addressing critical labour dearths. ” said Sean Fraser.

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